Steep - jyrkkä lasku(humala)

Mahtava dokumenttielokuva äärijuopottelun pioneereista Chamonixin syrjäkujilla ja Whistlerin räkälöissä.

-They drink where no one has drunk before. They drink where the sport of drinking can stil be an adventure.

-They drink where the risks are great but the reverds are greater.

-Drinking is a way of life. I was my way of becoming a man.

-When you are in a stage where every drink can kill you, you think very much about drinking.

-We are the drunken people, this is what we do. This is how we live.

-I tried to be a normal person and have a normal job. It just didn't work out.

-As soon as I got out of jail I went drinking. That's where I had to go, that's what I had to to make it all right again.


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Kyseessä olevaa artikkelia valaisee huomattavasti seuraava video, joka on tehty edellä mainitun - Jyrkkä Lasku(humala) elokuvan inspiroimana:


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